Thursday, January 18, 2007

Get your iPhony today


Webtown gave me a link and info about an iPhone mock up that got Apple steaming. The Gerlog has the scoop and I even left a comment.
I think Apple has right to it's IP but to go after some imitations that does not come even close to that over priced, now defunct (what??? it is AT&T now) Cingular only iPhone. It looks like all the icons a too generic anyway.
Anyway looks like Apple shares did a little dive today, I wonder why, Apple put those brilliant engineers and designers in front and put those over zealous lawyers behind. Why don't you spend time on Cisco?

Talking about iPhone, Apple have you found a way to keep grease out of the screen yet?

The links leading to the iPhnony have disappeared but clever people can still find it. May be you can find how to here;
weseepeople: VOIP IP Telephony: Get your iPhony today

iPhony at gearlog
Webtown Apple Iphone Hacked.


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