Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Install Asterisk 1.4 and Asterisk GUI afterwards.

AstRecipes had two recipes for Asterisk users or budding Asterisk users. (And one more if you need to uninstall older Asterisk). The document carries one through steps needed to install new Asterisk 1.4 on your box. According to the document the installation / compilation is a bit different from the Asterisk 1.2.
The icing on the cake is that this allows you to install Asterisk IPPBX on a box already populated wit TrixBox!
It is also advised that you remove Asterisk (older version) before attempting to install/ compile the new version. The tutorial uses the following versions of the application;
Asterisk Version 1.4.0-beta3
Zaptel Version 1.4.0-beta2
Libpri Version 1.4.0-beta1

Once that is done you can install the new ajax gui for the embedded web server on the Asterisk server / machine. Here too yo are guided through necessary routes get the application installed and to look at your Asterisk 1.4, through your favorite web browser.

Install Asterisk 1.4 (beta)
Install Asterisk GUI
Remove Asterisk


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