Friday, November 14, 2014

"Why I'm Getting Rid of my iPhone 6" vs "In Defense of the iPhone 6,"

iPhone 6, differing ideas.
I read two posts on Latinpost regarding iPhone 6. The first is about dropping iPhone 6 and four years of Apple life for Android world, likely an HTC or Nokia ( ;) good luck on that)
The other is blaming all the faults of iPhone 6 on others like Carriers and Sapphire glass makers and Android for being there. He is sticking with the iPhone 6 like a moth to a light bulb.
They are fun reads, no matter which camp you are in as you get to learn the other.
Start with the first "Why I'm Getting Rid of my iPhone 6" and there is a link to the next on the article, if you still want to read.


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