Monday, November 10, 2014

Spice Up Your IM With Self Destructive Animated Messages, - Boop

Self Destructive Animated IM, - Boop

With the messaging arena filled with players like Snapchat and metoos, it is hard to make a headway for any app at the current conditions. But apps like Boop, tries to make a change. The app was just released and it is free. Like the TechCrunch's lengthy review should bring some people like me at least to test out the app. It is a novel idea, targeting adult market, focused on fun, works on both iOS, and Android platforms. I like the idea and hope the best for the App!

Boop via TechCrunch

Boop Press release, with links to the App, on AppStore and Google Play Store.


Self destructing animating text messages

Press release: “Snapchat for text” – Boop: Self destructing animated text app brings new twist to instant messaging

Boop is an app that allows anyone create and send ephemeral text messages with emoticons. When displayed, Boops show one word at a time. Adding a space to a message acts as a ‘frame skip’, meaning users can create small animated text and emoticon combos called ‘Boopmations.’ Every Boop can have an optional signature emoticon, allowing users to express themselves in many different ways.
Once a user views a Boop, it’s instantly deleted, both on the device and from the server, making it truly ephemeral. On top of that, the way Boops display — one word at a time — means they’re impossible to screenshot and tricky to capture the full message (and hard to read over someone’s shoulder!) , making them perfect for personal communication.
Founder Dave Ganly says “Boop places the focus on conversation – single shot messages that are gone as soon as they are viewed. Boop messages demand your attention, and can’t be recalled, leading to fun, fast paced, back and forth between friends. The message format - displaying one word at a time - has seen some really creative and emergent behavior in beta tests. Once you add in iOS and Android’s hundreds of emojis it leads to some very funny animations.
Boop launches today for both iOS and Android.
About the founders
Boop was created by Dave Ganly, a product guy and developer based in London with a penchant for trying out even the most random ideas. The iOS version was created by James L Nicholson, a prodigiously gifted developer. Previous work includes numerous projects, such as Tactic-Toe (James), Yarrly, VVX.IO (Dave) and many other part-time labours of love.


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