Tuesday, November 11, 2014

inCharge Will Take Charge OF All Your Charging Needs!

The inCharge is a project by Lorenzo and Carlo Ferraris, searching for funding on a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. They did not have to search much as the hope of raising $20,000 for production costs, has already raised $97759.00 (as this is written).
It is not a rocket science but a clever idea to provide your with USB charging cable that can attach to your key ring, backpack or simply to be kept in your pocket. It is a slim male USB connector attached to a lightning or micro USB, female on the other end. It is about 2" long, including the cable, which comes in multiple colors. Cable folds in two and attached to each other via embedded magnets. Neat idea, and for $9 for lightning or a micro USB cable, I will get two of each.
As funding is there, hopefully its creators will easily be able to make it a reality. A $9 donation is all that's needed and either the microUSB or Lightning version, in one of eight different colors, will be yours. [Indiegogo - inCharge] via Gizmodo.


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