Monday, November 17, 2014

Google's Loon To Fly Down Under

The Google project that plans to fly a ring of balloons in the stratospheric winds carrying Internet relaying instruments to provide Internet access to otherwise un-connectables, in gaining a ISP support in Australia.
The balloons will fly above where the highest flying airlines fly and will stay afoat for 100 days or more, providing the service people below. So these balloons, or the Google Loon project, is teaming up with Australian telecommunications firm, Telstra to launch as much as 20 balloons and fly over western Queensland during December. The Loon balloons will be beaming 4G-like signal down to Earth, 20km below. Telstra will provide base stations to communicate with the balloons.
May be it is good idea for DOJ, they don't have to fly small planes, IMSI Catchers but have a bunch of balloons all over the USA.
Google Loon, Guardian


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