Sunday, November 16, 2014

Google Glass Shattered? Shuttered?

Google Glass Shattered? Shuttered?

Looks like Google Glass is heading in to some stormy waters. Every pundit is taking Googler Sergey Brin not wearing the Google Glass in to the red carpet event held at the NASA Ames center Hanger as a sign of the demise of the device.
But Brin has said that he just forgot the glass in the car.
You can't blame people for thinking this way, as many developers left the turf and early Glass users are losing interest. Google Glass Explorer, $1,500 a sort of beta version of the product packs a camera, processor and stamp-sized computer screen mounted to the edge of eyeglass frames.

Reuters says that developers are pulling back as the projected market to be small and Google Inc itself has pushed back the Glass roll out to the mass market. Yet Plenty of larger developers remain with Glass. The nearly 100 apps on the official web site include Facebook and OpenTable, but twitter, one of my favorite, has stopped.
I can see the use of the device in specialized fields but the price will keep even the casual show offs with their sunglasses.


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