Monday, November 24, 2014

Devices and Activity Dashboard, A New Security Aid From Google.

is a new dashboard, Devices and Activity dashboard, which provides you with a full rundown of all the Google enabled devices that  accessed to your Google account during the last 28 days. If you have old devices that you do not want to have access to your Google account, could be removed from them right from the dashboard itself. There is also capability to take action, if there is any funny business is going on.
The dashboard is comprehensive and provide the device, name, the last time the device accessed the account as well as the model / model number of the device, in case you forgot what they are.
It should be a great help for sys admins who use Google for work.

In addition, Google is also launching Security Wizard so people can check their accounts for any slack in security;

We are also launching the security wizard for Google for Work accounts. The security wizard guides users through steps they can take to turn on or adjust security features, like providing contact info for account recovery (if the domain security policy allows it), or reviewing recent account activity and account permissions. Plus, it only takes minutes for users to update their settings. This tool prioritizes all administrator settings for security features that end users are permitted to turn on. Access the wizard at


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