Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Folio Keyboard And Magic Covers For Nexus 9, Are Ready For Pre-order on Amazon

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All of the Nexus family showed up at the Google Play Store but some accessories were not available or were listed as unavailable. Specially the Folio Keyboard with protection cover during non use.
Now it is on Amazon Store, ready for pre order and according to Amazon;

Multipurpose design – Closed, it protects your Nexus 9. Opened, it becomes a responsive mechanical keyboard.Folds into two angles – Work or watch comfortably no matter where you are. With mechanical keys you’ll type with confidence.
Attaches magnetically and pairs wireless – Attaches to the back of your Nexus 9 magnetically and pairs wireless via Bluetooth. Get up to 5 months of battery life on a single charge (5 months battery life is for the keyboard, just confirming).

Also available are the Magic covers which is also available at the Google Play Store.


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