Saturday, October 18, 2014

Be Together 'n Different With Android 5.0 (Lolipop)

Be together. Not the same.
Yep, did you notice that the Android now could post a Victory sign?

But it is just not two fingers that Android 5.0, aka Lolipop bring to the plate. Even since the Android is created and released under open platform, many have created, developed, used, enjoyed Android based devices as one community without barriers. I remember the time when I got my first Android phone, it is somewhere in the world being used now, as I have donated it when I upgraded to the next, next and next. Countless Android phones have passed my palms and mostly they were Google devices (Nexus). Yes, I am eagerly awaiting the Nexus 6, one of the best phones in the market today. But I am not very sure if I could get used to the size. I will know soon.

Yet I have no doubts about the Nexus 9, the tablet. I am ready to retire my trusted Samsung tab 10.1, which has served me for over almost 5 years. I just used it over in Hawaii, when the need arise at the top of Mauna Kea, as a hotspot, in a very cold morning, -4C! It has worked fine as a tablet but mostly it was a Hotspot for me, when I traveled away from regular networks reach.

Talking about networks reach, did you know that over 5 billion people do not have access to what you and I consider to be a commodity!. Yes the internet. Just like Android Tablet saved me when I needed access, "Android One" is coming to the rescue of those 5 billion people. Android One launched recently in India with more countries joining soon, will bring the most treasured bit to the masses, the knowledge. The farmers and fishermen will know current prices of products their labor produces. They will also know the weather patterns that will affect them, before hand. The phone will be available for about $100 (compared to $860 for the latest iPhone 6) and the service provider Airtel is making a lot of concessions towards people who will be using the phone, Free app downloads and update during the first six months, to name a few. The phones are powerful and has dual SIM cards, a replaceable battery and a built-in FM radio for bandwidth free entertainment.

Getting back to Nexus 6 , 9, player and the Lolipop, you just feel the power it brings to the people.Bring them together and yet allow to be different. Read more about it on the Official Google Blog but have look below, for what Android:And-You do, below!


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