Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why Genius' Were Wrong About Samsung Galaxy Note!

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Boy genius' told us that Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the worst phones slated for a quick demise.  I am sure they failed to notice the love for the device by other people outside of genius circle.
 this is a device fit for use only by such a small subset of the human population that I can’t fathom how AT&T and Samsung are putting so much marketing resources behind it.
Even Gizmodo, who seem take clues about Galaxy Note from a trainer at a Gym and yet failed to recognize the love the trainer and five million others, (at the time of writing by Gizmodo), joined  the farce about Galaxy Note. May be they are in need of good screwdrivers :)
 A good screwdriver needs a comfortable handle and a point that won't dull easily. A good phone needs to fit well in your hand, and allow you to use it without a lot of fussing around. Human fingers are only so long. Like the screwdriver, it's a tool—and a tool is only a good tool if it's designed to be used well.

But Samsung thumbed nose at these genius' and others, continued sell 10 million units in 2012, making it one of the most successful smartphone launches  Now Samsung is into the second iteration of the device Galaxy Note II, which is estimated to sell 20 million units. I think it is hard to know what established market research could do, unless you got the knowledge. That does not apply only to Galaxy Note, everything else that is sold to people, like you and me.  It is a reminder for me to check twice before assuming all the genius' are right or wrong.

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