Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bigger Better iPhone 5 Coming Soon

iPhone 5 Coming Soon
According to various news sources, Apple (AAPL) has placed order with screen manufacturers for the next iPhone, iPhone 5. The screens are supposedly 4",  0.5 inches larger than the iPhone 4S, and earlier iPhone, which were traditionally 3.5 inches. Production will begin next month in time to present the iPhone 5, later this year, in October.
Samsung Electronics is breathing down on Apple's neck and became the largest mobile phone maker this year. Samsung offers multiple mobile handsets with most in the 4 inch range, with some are even larger. The Samsung Galaxy S III will come out with an impressive 4.8 inch display. Other smart phone manufacturers like Nokia, LG are following the suit.
Perhaps Apple is trying to be more appealing to the masses and at the same time fight the competition with the larger screen. Samsung, Apple's rival from Korea, shipped 44.5 million units (30.6% of entire smartphone market) and Apple followed 24,1% share of the market which amounted to 35.1 million units. Either way, Korean manufacturing stand to win as Korean firm LG Electronics is a part of the Apple iPhone screen suppliers.


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