Monday, October 03, 2011

Does BlackBerry (RIM) Needs A Reboot To Avoid "RIM RIP"?

BlackBerry RIM  Reboot
I came across this fine article on Deccan Herald about RIM need to reboot itself to avoid RIM RIP. We all have seen where the Smartphone Market Share is going. Big players like NOKIA and RIM took places behind new stars Google Android and Apple iPhone. The article discusses the success of Google Android platform and Apple iPhone against Blackberry phones.
Deccan Herald is a newspaper in India, where Nokia and Blackberry dominates the cell phone market. Perhaps those rumors of low cost iPhone coupled with popular Android phones with low price points might change all that soon.
Still you can see the Blackberry affinity in the article and it might reflect the thoughts of general public. It praises BlackBerry 9900 and at the same time scolds RIM for not giving NFC or such things as front facing camera, which are standard parts of most Android phones and is expected with iPhone 5.
I guess RIM got to listen to it's customers and avoid RIM RIP and keep the competition up against the Android, Apple and Nokia (Nokia needs some waking up too!)
Deccan Herald


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