Saturday, October 08, 2011

AT&T Wants iPhone 4S to Become iPhone 4GS On Their Network.

iPhone 4GS with 4G indicator,
This is my next ... is reporting that AT&T is working with Apple to add a 4G indicator in the status bar. Well the AT&T network HSPA+ does not really fall in to the true 4G category ("only WiMax 2 (802.16m, or WirelessMAN-Advance 2) and LTE-Advanced can technically be declared "4G"") but who is to stop making us laugh at AT&T in it's quest to be 4G, like other networks.
Prior to this Apple never bowed to carrier demands but now that Steve Jobs is not there, we might have different versions of iOS, because the 4G indicator requires modifications to iOS. I guess Droid wars now will be on equal grounds!
Man iOS hacking going to be fun, I want mine to show, 8G :)
This is my next


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