Monday, September 26, 2011

SDSC Cloud, Academic And Research Data Storage Service

SDSC, San Diego SuperComputer Center is joining the thousands of Cloud services providers that seem to spring up every night.
The SDSC Cloud is a bit different in the sense it is geared towards Academic and and research institutions. It is also said to be the largest cloud (Academic) with 5.5 Petabyte delivered at, very impressive 8-10 GB per second Read speeds.
If you fit the bill, (service is offered via an application process at the moment), you can have 100GB for equally impressive price of $3.25 a month.
The SDSC Cloud with initial 5.5PB aw storage (Capable of scaling further) is 10Gb Arista connected providing up to 8GB/s aggregate I/O. The cloud is OpenStack based with Rackspace and S3 APIs providing multitudes of connectivity options which could be used for;

HPC Compute data staging and Storage,
Backups, including SDSC Commvault back services
Application integration using supported APIs
Web Application and site hosting
Streaming Data services, images/videos
Data collections and published data sets
Get the press release (with more info on the cloud, connectivity, pricing and application information) at Geemodo;
SDSC Cloud, World;s Largest Academic And Research Data Storage Service From San Diego Supercomputer Center.


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