Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blogging On The Go, WIth Blogger App for iOS

Blogging On iOS, WIth Blogger app for iOS
If you are an iOS user, ie one with an iPhone, iPod or iPad, And a blogger on Google Blogger, there is a way you can Blog on the go now, with Blogger App for iOS.
Now bloggers like us can easily publish posts with pictures, labels and location information. And, for those who publish with multiple accounts or /on mulitiple blogs, will be able to easily switch between them.
Of course if you are an Android fan and user, I am sure you knew about the Blogger App For Android already. If you have not, you can find it in Android Appstore, Android Market.
Blogger app for iOS will allow you to:
* Select account/blog if you have more than 1.
* Include pictures from the gallery or by taking a picture directly from the app
* Add labels
* Add location information
* Save as draft or immediately publish
* View list of saved/published posts
Find it at iTunes Store
Happy Blogging!

Blogger Buzz: Announcing the Blogger app for iOS


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