Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CSSI (Computer Science Summer Institute) Fast-tracking CS Young Talent

Sometimes I wish these facilities were available to us when we were about to enter the Universities as it might have changed the course of our lives, at least the courses we took at the college!.
Google's Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) encourages Computer Science to incoming Freshmen. Last year it managed to steer 24 out of 29 towards selecting Computer Science as their major.
With success Google decided to increase the numbers of students it involve in the process. Google usually invite 30 young developer to the Googleplex for three weeks of intensive course in Programming in a wide range withing the field;
"We wanted to equip students with a comprehensive toolset to tackle the world of web and mobile applications. In the first two weeks of the program we introduced students to App Inventor for Android, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Django and App Engine. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but the students far surpassed our expectations and demanded more. In the final week of the program, they built some spectacular web applications, inspiring us with their passion and their enthusiasm for experimentation. They wrote online games, embedded Google Calendar's self-scheduler onto their websites and built blogging services. Some even began exploring the nitty-gritty details of computer graphics. Every one of our 56 students had the satisfaction of developing a publicly-available service on the web, hosted on Google’s servers. "
So if you are a freshman / Freshwoman considering Computer Science, this might be a good thing to try. At leaset it will introduce you to the world of Google within Google itself.

Official Google Blog: Fast-tracking young web developers at CSSI


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