Thursday, August 04, 2011

Call Phones From Gmail Now In 38 Languages, And Low Cost Calling To over 150 Countries

Call Phones From Gmail
If you are spending enough time with GMail as me or my team does, it is a blessing that multiple ways offered through GMail for connecting and interacting with others, all over the world.
Now like me, my team and everyone in the USA can call any mobile phone or landline directly from Gmail, starting today, many more who use Gmail from outside the U.S. are able to call in 38 new languages.
The calling credits could also be bought in Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars and offers very competitive rates. For instance, Japan is way cheaper than any other carrier we use, be the call is to a mobile number or a landline. You can find out your cost from Google's rates page.
Calls within US and Canada are still free. Calls to US and Canada from outside will be charged $0.01 per minute (or €0.01, £0.01, C$0.01 per minute).
This feature is rolling out gradually and will appear as a little green phone icon on the top of your chat list on GMail page. Make sure you have installed the voice and video plug-in.
Thanks Google, GMail, I do not have to think about making calls now, be it the cost or which device ot carrier to use.

Calling from Gmail now in 38 languages, with lower rates to over 150 destinations - Official Gmail Blog


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