Friday, July 29, 2011

Improved Google Search With Tablets!

Google on Tablets
As a part of Google's on going efforts to maximize the user experience in it's search portal, tablets are getting a better experience when visiting Google now.
Tablet users will now find an improved interface, a simplified but improved to support touch. The search results page contents, text, buttons and other touch targets have been enlarged so that touch could be focused easily.
These improvements provide tablet users a comfortable and faster experince, when visiting, either in landscape or portrait mode.

Once a search is conducted, buttons below the search box will further provide ability to compartmentalize the results in to either images, videos, shopping etc. Large buttons will receive your taps easily and take you to your destination.
Experience the new enhancements by just visiting your home page :)
PS above image is on a Motorola Xoom, but it looks even better on my EEE Pad Transformer!

New Google Search experience for tablets - Official Google Mobile Blog


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