Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wyoming Selects Google Apps For Government, Adds Another First To The State History!

Wyoming GoogleApps
You have heard of Los Angeles City putting all it's entire work force under GMail for communications, State of Wyoming has gone one step up and further. Wyoming has put it's entire work force of state workers on Google Cloud, actually Google Apps on the cloud! To be specific, Google Apps for Governments.
When I first visited Wyoming with a campus research team, I was awed by the wast fields of farms and and almost no people. We traveled through Montana into Wyoming to visit Yellow Stone Park (First National Park) and I was more than awed. We spent a quite a long time in the park and had the opportunity to work with state and park personnel. It was one of the best times I had in college.
So when I read the Governor Matt Mead's post on Google Enterprise blog, all those memories came pouring in!, even to make plans to visit the Yellow Stone with my partner who has not been there, yet!
Governor Mead believes that it will save a lot by bringing the state workers to Google Apps for Government. Google also has a feather on it's cap as this is the first state to adopt to cloud riding. Perhaps it will help Google to convince other Governors to do the same. From what Governor of Wyoming had to say proves how convinced he was!

Hello from the great State of Wyoming. We have some exciting news: our entire state government has gone Google. Wyoming is the first state in the country to make this transition. I am extremely proud to say that we are early adopters and this continues a long tradition of Wyoming firsts -- where Wyoming leads the way. Wyoming was the first state in the country where women voted. We also have the first National Park, Yellowstone, and first National Monument, Devils Tower. We had the first woman governor too. Join us online today at 8:00am MT/7:00am PT to view the live event as we make the announcement.
Good luck Wyoming, enjoy the cloud and be more productive.

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Wyoming adds another first - now the first to go Google


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