Thursday, June 09, 2011

Twitter Deep Inside iOS 5, Very Deep!.

Twitter Deep Inside iOS5,
Looks like Apple likes Twitter, no make it Apple Loves Twitter. Looks like Apple has handed over iOS 5 kingdom twitter, as TechCrunch's MG Siegler says.
Basically Twitter connect is core part of iOS 5 and any developer who wish to utilize the twitter for social or other contacts could easily connects with the hooks already there.

“Overall the big thing for us is the combination of two big platforms, and we’re complementary to each other. Twitter from day one has been a mobile-friendly company — that was a part of Jack’s [Dorsey] original vision. So to pair up with Apple on this is a great opportunity,” has said Ryan Sarver, Twitter's head of platform. 
This is too big for Twitter and what many expected facebook to accomplish has emerged from Twitter camp. Now we have to sign on again, as the single sin-on might not really work.
Head over TechCrunch to read all about the Twitter Apple friendship. I got to go to a WWDC party!


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