Monday, June 06, 2011

Share And Book "Appointment Slots" In Google Calendar.

For those who manage their working and private life through Google services, specially GMail, like me, has something new that I am sure you would appreciate.
So far I have been happy using the Google Calendar to organize and manage my time at work or at home. So do my partners and folks at home, managing their lives with Google Calendar. But these calendars are not in sync, unless we exchange the information via, say GMail. I can see them but I cannot book an available slot on my partners calendar, unless I call and demand it :).
But now, with appointment slots in Google Calendar, things seem to change. Now everyone can manage their appointment availability, online, 24/7, without having actually make a phone or physical contact.

It is pretty simple,

"To get started, set up blocks of time you’d like to offer as appointment slots. Simply click anywhere on your calendar and then on "Appointment slots.” From there, create a single block of time or automatically split a larger block of time into smaller appointment slots."

As every Google Calendar has it's own appointment sign up page and one can offer that directly to anyone you want to share the time slots. Or you can post the URL on your website or email it directly.
Sweet and cool. No more clashes of time slots. and welcome peace of mind!

Introducing appointment slots in Google Calendar - Official Gmail Blog


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