Monday, June 06, 2011

MacroSlove Is On The Patent Lawsuit March And Sues 20 More Companies.

MacroSlove Is On The Patent Lawsuit March
I really do not like patents, even the well formed and better and acceptable ones.  But Patent sharks or trolls like MacroSlove, LodSys, I really do not like.
MacroSolve  sued ten companies, for violating / infringing their electronic questionnaire (i.e., forms) patent, in two separate instances.
This time Macrosolve has selected another 20 companies to sue and done so in Troll friendly Eastern District of Texas.
FOSS Patents cover the report very well and I invite you to visit the blog to read the article. But I found the following to be nice. So if you know your patents, here is an opportunity to prove yourself and bag $5000.

Article One Partners (a patent-related crowd sourcing company) announced a bounty of $5,000 for invalidating MacroSolve's patent-in-suit. I think Article One Partners does some good stuff, and I really hope MacroSolve's patent will be invalidated.
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