Wednesday, June 15, 2011

iCufflinks, When You Are Done With Nerdy Stuff For The Day.

If you want to show that you are a regular nerd, even when you wear a suit, then here is the way to get off that tightness of neck tie (because you are still learning how to tie a Windsor Knot with your smartphone.) by wearing this gorgeous cuff links..
They are "Sophisticated. Modern. Open Source. Gorgeously machined aluminum with a subtle pulsating LED. Perfect for Father's day or for that geek who loves technology and needs to get dressed up for a special event. Welcome to the future!" as our favorite open source hardware provider Adafruit says. If you know Arduino, you know Adafruit.
"Cufflinks are completely open source. The source code, circuit board files, schematics and CAD files are posted on GitHub. Mod & Hack away! Cufflinks can be reprogrammed to any pattern you'd like!"



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