Wednesday, June 08, 2011

DELL's 7' Tablet With Slide Out Split Keyboard, Spy Shots.

DELL's 7' Tablet With Slide Out Split Keyboard
Every Tablet manufacturer wants to be different and DELL is no different. Looking at these newly uncovered spy shots, looks like DELL got the thinking cap on.

I can imagine wanting to type with my thumbs while holding tablet with both the hands. Currently I have truble typing on virtual keyboards, on both iPad and XOOM. I have to let go one hand in order to anything with tha tablet, let alone typing. But I do not know if I will go for DELL tablet, just for the keyboard. Currently I am waiting to grab a Asus Eee PadTransformer tablet with a keyboard as the cover, I like high resolution big screens, and those keyboards will look tad ugly on 10 inch tablets!
Via Engadget


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