Friday, March 18, 2011

iPad2 One Weeks Later? How Do You Like It??

iPad2 One Weeks Later
I do not have an iPad2 so one of the votes above are mine (Don't have a iPad 2) But one of my colleagues does and he is happy about it overall. Except he is pissed off about not having location services or GPS on his WiFi only version.So his verdict is Get a 3G version if you care about location services. (But I do not know if the GPS works if you do not have service activated on a 3G version)
From the poll above, it seems people are happy about it and the poll just began. So hop over to TiPb can cast your vote. More the participation, better the samples will be. I am holding off for a white iPad2 3G or Motorola XOOM WiFi version.
To me the black iPad2 looks like a digital photo frame!
TiPb iPad2 Poll


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