Friday, March 04, 2011

Google Voice Give Star Treatment To Bees In L.A.

Google Voice And Bees
We always think of Google Voice to be in the high tech arena and would hardly associate it with bees. Google Voice Blog tells us otherwise.
Backwards Beekeepers, an organization dedicated to helping and saving native honey bees by teaching people how to use chemical free beekeeping. (I knew about bee keeping but until I visited them, did not know about all the aspects of it :). Their aim is to increase the bee population in L.A but they are advising people all over the world in the matter of bee keeping.
Bees some time invade peoples garages, hot tubs, trees, chimneys and sometimes even minivan bumpers! So who do they call, Of course Backwards Beekeepers.

So they installed their Google Voice number and setup to email 500 odd bee keepers to receive an email when someone leaves a message about unwelcome bees. So one of these people will take on the job of helping both, the hosts and the bees by rescuing the bees!.
So Google Voice interviewed them for Google Voice user stories, asked the Backwards Beekeepers;
How is Google Voice helping you achieve your mission?
Google Voice is helping us save the bees and cultivate new beekeepers. We are now a go-to hotline for city postal workers, animal control officers and parks employees. We've rescued more than 300 swarms since we set up our Google Voice number a year ago.
What a nice story.
If you or someone you know is using Google Voice in an innovative way, please let Google Voice know. If chosen, your story too will appear on the Google Voice Blog!

Google Voice Blog: Google Voice: Helping save bees in L.A.


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