Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Voice Search Research, Query Language Modeling for Voice Search.

When we first wrote about Google Voice Search in 2008, it was nothing more than novelty and curiosity for me. But one of my colleagues who is more versatile with his mobile phone, continuously uses Google Voice Search on iPhone. Still I did not pay much attention.
Again my intrigue was raised when Google extended the Voice search to Japanese. As I have much personal and work based ties to Japan, plus the fact it was working fine on my Android phone, I began testing the app when ever I needed to search something when I am in Japan, using the Google Voice Search In Japanese, 音声検索.
The Recognition engine worked great and it could recognize my Japanese.
As usual, we take for granted things that get familiar and thought nothing about it until I read a post and a paper that post directed me to,  Query Language Modeling for Voice Search
Even though it was presented in my backyard, Berkeley in December at "IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language Technology". I only read it today, thanks to one of the authors of the paper, Ciprian Chelba.
So follow the links if you have any interest in language technology.
Official Google Research Blog: Query Language Modeling for Voice Search


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