Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Reader app for Android Update Brings New WIdgets And More.

If you use Google reader like I do, you will love the new Google reader update for Android update. Just like the desktop, now through "Unread Count Widget" which can show you number of items to read, categorized by feed,label, person or all items on the home screen and clicking on the icon will take you direct to the items.
"News Ticker Widget", well it stream headlines on you home screen and the widget will cycle through items on your reader.

The old "Mark Previous as read" feature is back. now you can mark all items prior to the current screen in your list as read, with one click.

Even though the reader works on all Android versions since 1.6, you will need to have Android 2.2+ to use the widgets.
As always, the Google Reader App could be downloaded from Android Market.

(I read a bunch of comments on the market regarding the force closing on items with video. But as usual commenters did not give much information, other than crashing, so it could be anything)

Updates to the Google Reader app for Android - Official Google Mobile Blog


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