Thursday, February 24, 2011

5 tips for Mobile Blogging On Blogger With Your Android phone.

The Blogger App for Android announced at the beginning of this month also has the same fine Google support behind it. In addition to the regular support, I came across this post on Google mobile blog providing five specific tips on using the app on an Android device. As you know, I blog a lot and I am on Blogger. Currently my mobile blogging is done on my iPhone but there are big changes looming. I will be ditching the iPhone for an Android phone like Atrix 4G or Nexus S (which is my colleague already enjoy) and I am really waiting for the Motorola XOOM. So I am going to publish all five tips, for you and for me as a note.
1. Attach photos as you compose
Take photos using your phone’s camera and instantly add them to your post while you draft. You can also insert photos from your phone’s gallery, all within the Blogger app.

2. Include your current location
With your phone’s GPS, you can let your readers know where you’re blogging from by selecting your current location, no additional typing needed.

3. Share to Blogger
Share videos, products, photos, links and other interesting things you would like to include in your blog via the share button that’s available in many apps, including Google Maps for mobile, YouTube, and your web browser. After you share an item to your Blogger, it will be inserted into new post that’s automatically created for you so that start can composing right away.

4. Switch across multiple Blogger accounts
If you’re an author of more than one blog, you can easily switch between your different accounts by tapping on the orange arrow next to the title of your blog. That way, you can publish articles for each of your blogs to keep your all of your readers up to date.

5. Keep track of published posts and saved drafts
See what you’ve composed in an easy to read list by tapping the list icon located on the top right-hand corner.
If you have an Android Device, get the app from Android Market scan the QR code below, to consume mobile blogging as you have never done before.

5 tips for using Blogger on your Android phone - Official Google Mobile Blog


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