Friday, January 28, 2011

Google's Contribution To The Broader Scientific Community

If you thought Google is all about search, ads and videos, you need to read this post on Google Research blog.
Some may argue that it is still revolves around the main Google business, search. Yes it does but the value what it has contributed to the society at large. There are many fronts where Google contributes to the betterment of world. (This blog invests all it's income in Micro Financing for people from all over the world and as you can see, we only have Google AdSense ads and as far as we are concerned that is another way Google works for betterment of the world)
But the post concentrates entirely on the scientific front from "Algorithms and Electronic commerce" to "Systems infrastructure" with our favorites, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Speech and Machine Learning in the middle. There are plenty of links to even deeper article on Google Research, Stanford University where Google was born.
Follow the link for immerse yourself in some knowledge!
Official Google Research Blog: More Google Contributions to the Broader Scientific Community


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