Thursday, December 09, 2010

Santa Is On Google Voice And Will Call All Good Kids

If you and your kids are tired of writing letters to Santa informing how good they have been and what they expect as gifts in return, you can relax a bit.
In addition to the good old snail mail routine, Santa this year has got a Google Voice Number and will call all the kids on his list. (You got to get on the list :)
All the adults can send a personalized phone call from dear Santa to any kid (including very old kids like myself, as well) from
You can choose from multiple options to create compose and send a brilliant message from Santa to your own kids, neighbors children or your Grand Parents, over the phone (limited to USA numbers only)
If you or your kids want to deliver a message to Santa, you can call 855-34-SANTA and leave a message. But as you know Santa is extremely busy and you adults need to create your own (return) call at the
You can also watch Santa as he travels around the world. Now you can also do that via Google maps or Google Earth, so don't forget to book mark, so you can track his journey

There is another choice of message delivery as well, over the social media. People who are out side of USA can receive Santa's message via email, twitter or facebook.
Official Google Blog: Santa’s calling (from his Google Voice number) 
or at Google Voice


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