Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Personalize Google Voice Search!

Google Voice Search
Google voice search has been serving people for just over two years now. The initial releases were developed to support a wide range of users of different gender, age, and accents, or variations in pitch, pace, and other factors. It was because Google wanted it to work with minimal input other than your voice.
It works fine, even with my heavily accented voice. But sometimes, it misses the mark. But I am planing to do away even with that! How?
Because Google Mobile team has released Personalized recognition! If you opt in for personalized recognition, your uttering will be associated with your Google Account to build a personalized vocabulary model, just for you.
You are able to turn on off the feature anytime from your Google Voice search settings on your mobile phone. You can even disassociate your voice recordings from your Google Account dashboard.
The new option is only available in English and in USA only but Google says it palns to widen the reach other countries.
In order to do the wonders you need Android 2.2 or higher and need to download the latest Voice Search App from android market.
Scan the code below;

Voice Search gets personal - Official Google Mobile Blog


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