Thursday, September 09, 2010

Unified Communication For Dummies, A Free Book

Unified Communication For Dummies
I am not a fan of dummies books, simply because I am not a dummy. But the series seem to appeal to many a people from every walk of life. So when I saw a free book from Avaya, "UC For Dummies", I had to let my readers know.
I threw away my cautions and read the book :) despite the title, it is targeted towards small business UC users.
It is valuable for anyone willing to get their hands on Unified Communications or gain a little insight in to the subject.
The book is organized in five chapters spanning 52 pages. I like the spread of chapters;
Chapter 1: What Is Unified Communications and Why Do I Need It?
In Chapter 1, I explain Unified Communications — what it is and what it can do for you — and how it differs for small and medium businesses compared to larger ones.
Chapter 2: How Will Unified Communications Help My Small Business?
In Chapter 2, you take a look at some of the many challenges that affect your business on a daily basis and how a UC solution can benefit your business and your employees by reducing costs, enhancing productivity, improving customer service, and improving employee morale and retention.

Chapter 3: Creating a Unified Communications Strategy
Chapter 3 helps you create a UC strategy for your business and discusses various technology and personnel considerations that need to be addressed in your UC strategy

Chapter 4: How Do I Implement a Unified Communications Solution?
Chapter 4 explores various technologies and installation considerations, as well as various tips for implementing a UC solution — I promise not to get too technical here! I also describe some of the policies, and procedures you should implement along with your UC solution to help you prepare your organization for UC and its many benefits.

Chapter 5: Ten Reasons to Implement Unified Communications
The final chapter, in that famed For Dummies style, presents ten very good reasons you should incorporate teleworking and UC into your small business — all in an easy-to-follow format.
 Only complain I have about the book, "Dummies", Unified Communications for Small Business' would have been fine. Link to get the book is below, just fill the information.


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