Friday, September 17, 2010

New Mobile App Calling Plan From Ooma Allows You To Call From iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Ooma Mobile App Calling Plan
Ooma, the company that reminds me of my Grandma, has introduced a new Mobile App Calling Plan for Ooma users. Ooma users enjoy free, unlimited local and long distance calling in US with onetime payment of hardware, like Ooma Telo. International calls are also very economical, less than a penny for most countries.
The Ooma purevoice is supposed to be much clearer than other VoIP Services in voice quality.
The new plan for mobile applications ets Ooma customers make U.S. and international calls from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Phone calls made using the Ooma Mobile application are transmitted through the Internet connection of your device (either Wi-Fi or 3G) so you do not need or use minutes from a cellular voice plan.
With the mobile calling plan;

- Save on minutes, money by shifting your minutes to Ooma Mobile and call over Wi-Fi or 3G
- Save up to 90% on international calls using your Ooma prepaid account or international calling plan
- No coverage, no problem: Avoid roaming charges for phone calls when you have access to Wi-Fi - perfect when traveling abroad
- Keep your caller-ID: Calls made using Ooma Mobile show the caller-ID of your Ooma account
- Conserve bandwidth: Reduce 3G bandwidth usage by up to 60% when making a call with Ooma PureVoice technology
- Call from your iPod/iPad: Ooma Mobile transforms your iPad and iPod touch into a phone
- Free calling to Ooma subscribers: Call any Ooma phone number and talk for as long as you want
The Ooma Mobile calling plan allows users to talk for 1,000 minutes for less than $5 per month. Ooma Premier subscribers still have the bonus of 250 free minutes of U.S. calling every month. If you are a Ooma customer, you can enroll via the “My Ooma” area of


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