Friday, September 03, 2010

Android Eating Into iOS Share? Android Surging On Mobole Web Consumption.

Android gaining on iOS.
According to a very informative post only comprising of only two graphs, (one of them shown above), on Quantcast blog, Android Mobile Web Consumption is on the rise, while iOS bases such activities are on the decline. Blackberries seem to keep a steady phase at about 10%.
Quantcast is a web/net measurement and analytics company that does wonderful things with what we all do on the net. The numbers do tell so much. Our experience with AT&T, I do not blame the iOS slump. People tend to get tired of waiting for something to show up on iPhone screen.
Also the rising sales of Android based devices are an indicated by the straight and rising graph. The capacity and capabilities of those networks are to be seen. I think in about a year, predicatively, we will have a intersecting lines!
The Apple iOS numbers declined from 67% in May 2010 to 56% in August 2010. This roughly coincides with the two year contacts on those iPhone 3G's running out!Are people abandoning iPhones for AnDROIDs?
Interesting. But remember, in device sales, both are increasing rapidly. The graph is showing the relative position of the share of Mobile Web.
Quantcast blog via Techcrunch


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