Friday, May 14, 2010

University Students Get Google Voice Invites

Google Voice Invites for students.
Google is looking in to providing the communication medium to students. This sector of the market is the most active and could be associated with the TXTing, always on the phone crowd, next to high schoolers. They are also the most secluded crowd as well. While in the class, which could be one hour to two hours, there no way to answer phones or call out to someone. But these students are able to sneak in a TXT message or a short email while pretending to listen to the lecturer. I think most do so.
Google voice have attending two parts of the student communication equation;
1 Free TXTing allowing students to save precious $$ for ham burghers or salads.
2 Get transcribed voice mail sent to them as emails, all these on their mobile phones or notebooks.
They also get a free phone number or they will be able to use their current number.
I think it is a good move on Google's part because this will attract tomorrows users. Apple and Microsoft may give discounts but nothing beats free, even if it is only free TXTing and Free Phone numbers.
So it is easy to get Google Voice, if you have an email address that ends in ".EDU", like Good.student@best.University.EDU, you can head over to
Google Voice Blog: Google Voice invites for students


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