Saturday, May 01, 2010

Oprah Winfrey's "No Phone Zone" movement Mapped.

I live in an state where being on the phone while driving is illegal. I have long ago adopted to hands free calling, perhaps due to my liking to various gadgets. I still see people on the phone, in California, talking and texting.
Oprah Winfrey brought the nation into attention of dangers of talking while driving and texting wile driving, with her No Phone Zone initiative.

The simple pledge form gives you three choices for more responsible driving: no texting, no texting plus handsfree calling only, and no phone use at all while driving.
Google Maps has joined the initiative to promote and also to show the power of mapping, in national or even international movements like this.
The first two maps the Google produced shows;
1. Where across the US and Canada people have electronically signed the No Phone Zone pledge, which is updated in real time. The Map

2. A second map helping you to educate yourself about state policymaking regarding state restrictions on texting, handsfree, and handheld phone use. Here you are also able to click through for more details from the Governors Highway Safety Association or to contact a state’s governor directly.

Google Mobile blog also have some information on Distracted driving and cell phones

Google LatLong: Mapping the "No Phone Zone" movement: "'No Phone Zone' movement"


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