Tuesday, May 11, 2010

iPad Wi-Fi networks How To

Apple issued a Support document related to the iPad Wi-Fi problems. All the instructions seems logical except the brightness issue. Does brightness control send more power to wireless radio?. What ever the case follow the instructions below and see if you could resolve your problems. Link to Apple Document after the jump

If you consistently encounter issues connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network, try the following steps to resolve your issue:

Update Wi-Fi router firmware

  • Verify that your Wi-Fi router firmware is up-to-date.
    • Note: This is important if your Wi-Fi router supports 802.11n, as it may still be using the draft specification of the 802.11n standard.
    • For AirPort Base Stations, refer to this article for information about firmware updates. For third-party Wi- Fi routers, check the manufacturer's website for details on updating your firmware.

Use WPA or WPA2 wireless security

  • Check the wireless security option of your Wi-Fi router. If WEP is being used, try using WPA or WPA2.
  • Some Wi-Fi routers using WEP wireless security may cause intermittent disconnects to iPad which requires re-typing a password. Using WPA or WPA2 wireless security on your network will correct this issue.

Note: WPA and WPA2 encryption protocols are newer, more effective security options for wireless networks than the older WEP protocol.

Adjust screen brightness

  • Check to see if your screen brightness is set to the lowest level by going to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper. If brightness is at lowest level, increase it by moving the slider to the right and set auto brightness to off.

Note: Brightness control in the iBooks application can also be used to adjust brightness. 

Renew IP address

  • In some larger wireless networks it may be necessary to renew your IP address. Renew your IP address using the following steps:
    • Tap Settings > Wi-Fi
    • Locate the Wi-Fi network you are currently using and tap 
    • Tap Renew Lease
  • If the issue persists, try turning Wi-Fi to Off and then to On. 


If after attempting the troubleshooting tips provided above you are still having difficulty connecting to a network please contact Apple.


Apple support doc


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