Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Replay Twitter (and Other stuff) On Google Timeline!

Replay Twitter On Google Timeline
There were many facets of Twitter search or realtime search that surfaced with the popularity of Twitter.
Google introduced Realtime Search last year and they are continuing to add services that provides realtime data, like Google Buzz, facebook and MySpace.
But there is a twist in how they present the real time search results. It is also more relevant in my point of view than Twitters own search or Bing adding it to regular search.
Google presents data in a timeline, which reminds me of timeline project on MITs SIMILE, which I dealt with, what now seems like eons ago.
But I like this feature so much that I have made it my home instead of regular Google search page.
But instead of playing around, you can also do some serious stuff like;
By replaying tweets, you can explore any topic that people have discussed on Twitter. Want to know how the news broke about health care legislation in Congress, what people were saying about Justice Paul Stevens’ retirement or what people were tweeting during your own marathon run? These are the kinds of things you can explore with the new updates mode.
Follow the link for more information.
Official Google Blog: Replay it: Google search across the Twitter archive


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