Thursday, April 01, 2010

LoKast, Proximity Based MobileSocial Network, Secure Funds

Proximity based mobile social network LoKast

TechCrunch has a write up about LoKast, Proximity Based MobileSocial Network,
LoKast, ( “local-casting,” ) from Nearverse provides the means to share photos, selected contacts, videos, web links and music on your mobile phone with someone in your proximity. Once configured for sharing with public, a LoKast user  in proximity (300 feet) of one, the LoKast app will  automatically discover other users nearby to allow sharing the content.
The LoKast app for iPhone / iPod lets lets one share just about EVERYTHING on your iPhone/iTouch!

    * Search nearby for other users and media
    * Share SONGS that others can preview and then download*
    * Share PHOTOS or entire albums in high-resolution
    * Share VIDEOS at high speeds
    * Share as many of your CONTACTS as you desire
    * Share WEB LINKS for your entire web experience in real time
    * Download FEATURED CONTENT* and share with other friends
With LoKast LIVE, share web browsing with others side-by-side, in real-time – others just tune into your live LoKast and their browser follows the same Web Links that you are surfing!
One selling point is that one can see the iTunes library a nearby user and is able to download a 30-second clip of any song to ones own profile. This will also provide a link to the iTunes store to purchase the music for which Lokast get paid. Like wise one is able to download and share photos, videos and even contacts from other users. Also in the works is the capability to share apps on your phone with other users.
Using its own internal network, LoKast is said to work in subways, underground and heavily congested areas such as stadiums, where experience of 3G is like swiming in molases.
LoKast will soon be launching an Android app, and plans to launch integration with Facebook Connect.
The $1 Million funding comes from Meakem Becker Venture Capital.

LoKast App


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