Thursday, March 04, 2010

Doing Searches On Your Android Phone Just With Gestures : Gesture Search App.

Android Apps come out in all shapes and capabilities. We at SnapVoIP love Android Apps and actually thinking of starting a series on Best Android Apps.
But today we look at an app that does search differently. We have seen search by voice and of course you can type your search phrase.
But you might not have time to type a search or may be you are in a class where search by voice not appropriate. So how do you search in such a situation?
Here comes Gesture Search. If you are having a device running Android 2.0, you can run this new Google Labs App to do searches by a series of gestures.
Say you want to call your friend Anne. Just open Gesture Search and draw letter “A”, and Gesture Search returns a list of items that have words starting with “A”. If your handwriting isn't all that neat, that's okay. If the "A" you draw looks a bit like an "H", as seen in the bottom left corner of the screenshot, "H" results will be brought up as well. If needed, you can also erase a query by crossing it horizontally: left to right erases the entire query, and right to left removes the last letter or space in the query. Now you can either scroll down the list to find Anne or write more letters to refine the search.
Also the app is self learning and your Gesture Search improves with time. So next time when you gesture a letter previous results associated with that letter will jump to top.
You can get the app from Android Market Place. Google Labs has a more information.
Since this is a Google Labs app, your comments and feedback are welcomes by the team, follow the link to post yours.
Official Google Mobile Blog: Search your Android phone with written gestures


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