Monday, January 25, 2010

Save Time With Faster Voicemail Access On Google Voice

Google Voice VoiceMail
If you have used Google Voice, you know how convenient it is to manage your phones callers and associated messages with it. (If you do not have a Google Voice Number, you can get one at Google Voice, Sign up for an invitation.)
When it comes to Google Voice, I rarely dial my own Google Number to listen to Voice mail. It is because Google Voice Transcribes my voicemail and emails them to me.
But what ever the reason if you are dialing in for Google Voicemail, Google has made some changes that makes your access to voicemail faster.
Now when you dial your own Google number, your voicemails will be played without having to press 1. Secondly they have also changed the order of how your voicemails are played. Now it plays the most recent voicemail first.

Google Voice Blog: Faster voicemail access


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