Monday, December 07, 2009

Window Shopping On The Go With Favorite Places On Google And Your Mobile Phone.

Favorite Places On Google

I am sure, like me, you would have wondered, where to get something difficult to find or if that new restaurant is a good place for a date. Now you can do this, with a little help from your fellow Google users.
So how is Google helping mibile users do better window shopping?
Google has a window decal containing a unique bar code (QR code) that business could display on their windows, and when we come by these windows, we scan them with our mobile phones like Android based phones, BlackBerry phones and even iPhone. This action will take you directly to the business' own place page on the Google Favorite places.
Once you are on the place page, you will be able to read reviews, get a coupon (if the shop offers one) or just mark it down for a later visit.
For this to work you will need an app that read QR codes on your phone. For Android based phones there is a free barcode scanner app, for iPhone you purchase Quickmark ($1.99) but with a special arrangement, the app is free for 40000 downloads. I downloaded and scanned the code below whch took me to a place page belonging to an Indian restaurant called "KASA Indian Restaurant". For other phones, you can search for an app like this for blackberry QR App.

If you are a business that would like to take advantage of this oppertunity, Google has this;
We plan to periodically send out new waves of window decals to qualifying businesses. If you own or manage a business and were selected as a Favorite Place, you may have already received your decal or, for most of you, it will arrive by mail in the next one to two weeks. If you weren't selected in this round, your first step is to claim your listing with Google's Local Business Center for free. That will help us determine that your business information is correct. Then, you can enhance your local business listing by adding enhanced content like photos and videos.

Official Google Blog: Explore a whole new way to window shop, with Google and your mobile phone


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