Friday, December 18, 2009

Google Message Security Is A Finalist In The SC Awards 2010.

Google Message Security
Google Message Security powered by Postini is one of the best I have used so far, (Belive me I have used many a collaboration products from Microsoft, Oracle, and online solutions like hotmail, yahoo mail, even home spun email servers.
But I have never been able to manage false positives and true negatives of spam management let alone other issues such as peoper delivery, spyware and virus control.
My personal GMail, account, which has been there for almost 5 years, detected all the spam and I have never had a spam message delivered to my inbox. Others may have had diference experiences but this is mine.
So I was glad to read that it was nominated for the Reader Trust award in the Best Managed Security Service category award in the 2010 SC Awards
SC Awards has been recognizing the professionals, products, and companies providing security solutions that protect us today, and well into tomorrow with capability in identifying emerging threats, for over a decade now.
It is a great honor for the Google's Postini team and we to wish them luck and thanks for protecting us.

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Google Honored as a Finalist in the 2010 SC Awards


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