Friday, December 11, 2009

Donate Your Google Voice Transcriptions (Voice Mail) For Better Transcriptions.

Google Voice Transcription
If you have got Google Voice, you may already have received a transcribed voice mail message. I may have very good English speakers as friends and colleagues because all my voice mail were  perfectly transcribed except for a very few mistakes that I could correct very easily.
So when I saw the blog post on Google Voice Blog requesting help to perfect the Google voice mail transcription I said to myself I should have saved those voice mails. Because I could donate some of those voce mails to make life easier for all of us.
Up to now when ever we got a good transcription, we could let the folks at Google Voice know the quality of the transcription by clicking on the check boxes next to the message. Now you will see an additional choices when you rate a transcribed voice mail, you will be asked whether you would like to donate the message, as shown in the screen capture.

If the message does not carry sensitive information, you can donate the voice mail to the Google Voice team. But keep in mind that the message will be listened or used to analyze transcription, they will not be made public.
So when you get a transcribed message next time, you may want to donate that voicemail for greater good.

Google Voice Blog: Help improve transcription quality


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