Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Earth for the iPhone 2.0, Brings A Very Welcome Update

When Google Earth was released for the first time, I was was really elated because, it was one of the apps that I used extensively on my desktop. I was glad to have the app with me when ever I wanted, It is because I am working with a group of people that map stuff around the county where I live. Sometimes this extends to other countries as well.
So I am equally excited about the Google Earth for iPhone version 2.0. It is bringing features like, being able to see my own custom maps by logging into my Google Maps account. So all the custom maps that you created on the desktop, are in your pocket too.
What a way to take a hike!
There are other improvements as well like improved performance and new languages. I am happy to see that Japanese is on the list as, I spent a lot of time over there. And like here, I love to explore and leave bread crumbs. Google Earth for iPhone only makes it easier.
Official Google Mobile Blog: An update to Google Earth for the iPhone


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