Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google Apps Connector For BlackBerry Enterprise Server 1.5 Serves More Users.

Enabling companies of all sizes to connect to Google Apps via their own BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Google Apps Connector for BES(BlackBerry Enterprise Server) 1.5 has entered a new era supporting a new regimen of users.
The initial Google Apps Connector for BES was focused on smaller companies running their own BES. But now the number of users per server has jumped to 500, doubling the previous number. Now companies of all sizes could combine the goodness of Google Apps with BlackBerry Enterprise Servers mobile capabilities.
But Google Apps are not leaving the small business behind;

Small businesses get more flexibility too. The Apps Connector now supports BlackBerry Professional Software, which is designed for up to 30 BlackBerry smartphones. We've also made it possible for a single BlackBerry Enterprise Server to serve users in multiple Google Apps domains, enabling low cost hosting services to be offered by our hosting partners.

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server now connects businesses of all sizes



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