Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Delta Hotels and Resorts Moves From Microsoft Exchange 2007 To Google Apps For The Ease Of Communication And Collaboration.

Sometimes it is necessary to leave the flock to make it better for self. Looks like Delta Hotels and Resorts are doing just that. Even though we are not big boys, we manage most our communication and collaboration needs through Google. We are slowly moving away from Microsoft Office suites to Google Docs and Open Office. So usually we are happy when we introduce some one to Google Apps or Google Docs.
So when I saw this post about some big company dropping the incumbent Exchange server 2007 for Google Apps is big news.

"Delta Hotels and Resorts decision to embrace Google Apps is another example of our commitment to improving collaboration and breaking down conventional technology bottlenecks. The pain points of conventional, on-premise solutions include desktop software licensing, private wide area networks, and never-ending storage requirements." Michael Rodger, Director of Digital Innovation for Delta Hotels and Resorts.

Michael will be presenting more information on the transition at a live webcast this Thursday, November 19, 2009 2.00PM EST/11.00 AM PST or 7.00 PM GMT.

Official Google Enterprise Blog: From Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Google Apps: the Delta Hotels and Resorts story: "Delta Hotels and Resorts"


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