Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stay The Course By Going Mobile With Google Maps

I use Google Maps for many a reasons, just checking a route to a National Park to make the best of the trip or finding a friends house on a distance land are both fun adn educational.
I use Google Maps in my work too. Before we used to hunt for topographical maps to lay down various requirements of our work, now we have all we need in maps via a simple set of APIs.
I also have Google Maps on my iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, Yes I am a phone junkie and I have many a handsets that we develop our vertical market application for. On my iPhone, Google Maps have become my regular GPS guided travelling companion that helps me to find from an office address I am visiting to place to have a nice drink at the end of the day, without having to pull out maps or having to lug my notebook around.

So Google has opened up "Go Mobile" week at Google, go educate yourself and make your life a bit easier, there are much more than just Google Maps to learn about but just the maps by themselves is good enough!
Google LatLong: Go Mobile with Google Maps


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